Will Popeye’s be open for Christmas Eve or Christmas Day 2020?

A Popeyes restaurant (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)
A Popeyes restaurant (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images) /

Popeyes can brighten many days, but don’t make plans to order on Christmas day

Popeyes has been looking to become your go-to favorite for more things than just a fried chicken meal. They even have cajun turkeys available for everyone for the Thanksgiving holiday. Although Popeyes accommodated foodies for turkey day, they are not open on Christmas Day.

I’m sure this news is as devastating for you as it is for me. Especially since I’ve spent most of the month ignoring the need to hammer down my Christmas Day menu and will just wing it this year. Takeout from Popeyes doesn’t sound bad at all.

The effort is much easier and I would get to indulge in fried food galore. I just wouldn’t be able to convince anyone else to join me.

So what this truly means is that if you want the infamous Popeyes chicken sandwich, you will not be able to have it hot and freshly made on Christmas Day. However, Popeyes is open on Christmas Eve.

If you check your local restaurants, you may be lucky enough to live near a Popeye’s that has normal business hours on Christmas Eve. Fortunately for me, my nearest location is open at normal hours.

Don’t forget the chocolate beignets as the perfect ending for your Popeyes meal

While I can’t have the sandwich fresh on Christmas day, I can still enjoy it on Christmas eve. The same thing goes for the new chocolate beignets. The beignets with a glass of milk are much better than any milk and cookies. Santa will thank you.

If you want to plan ahead, you can always get your Christmas meal the night before and just reheat it. I wouldn’t suggest the Chicken Sandwich, but perhaps you would want to grab the Popeye’s Big Family Feast.

This would supply you with 8 pieces of fried chicken (your choice of spicy and mild) and also three chicken sandwiches. Add in one large side, three biscuits, and 3 apple pies and you may be covered for your full meal.

Next. Popeye's has a new shrimp item for a limited time. dark

If you’d rather boneless chicken, Popeyes does have tenders including a 16 tenders family meal. You could also get yourself some Wicked Shrimp for a special meal. With so many sides outside of the delectable cajun fries, there is plenty for a good meal from Popeye’s.