Fun Wine is the wine brand we need in 2021

Hard Bubbly™ by FUN WINE. Image courtesy Hard Bubbly
Hard Bubbly™ by FUN WINE. Image courtesy Hard Bubbly /

Fun Wine will change the way you enjoy drinking wine in 2021

Want to start a new year with a new wine? Then you’ll want to get your hands on Fun Wine, a lineup of wines and hard bubbly that will leave you smiling.

The magic of Fun Wine comes not only in their delicious flavors, but also the artistic presentation of every bottle. In 2018, the brand even won an award for Best Packaging, which makes perfect sense since each bottle is truly a work of art.

Of course, while we have a tendency to fall in love with beautiful bottles of anything (it’s a thing), the fact that Fun Wine is also decadent and delicious makes it a must sip. With price points on every bottle (whether we are talking their Hard Bubbly or more traditional wines) that are affordable and quite simply a steal, you are going to want to grab a bottle or two for every occasion in 2021.

But what is Fun Wine?

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With Fun Wine, you are getting an experience in a bottle. From the art to the alcohol, this is a bottle designed to make a statement. And that statement is quality.

This is a company that offers flavored wines such as Coconut Chardonnay (this was a favorite for me), Peach Passion Moscato, and even an Espresso Cabernet. Using Monk Fruit to sweeten each wine, these bottles of wine will not only appeal to a more health conscious crowd, but also one that is looking for an everyday sip of wine.

I love the fact that you can snag Fun Wine in either a traditional bottle of wine or even an aluminum bottle, making it something that will get even the most discerning wine drinker talking.

While there are plenty of wine lovers out there who may offer up their opinion on the best way to enjoy the different varietals out there, we found that no matter which flavor you choose, you want to enjoy them all chilled or over ice. The cold brings out the refreshing flavors, making these the perfect drink no matter what the occasion or where you may be.

I plan to display my Fun Wine bottles, after I drink them of course!

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Have you heard of or seen Fun Wine before? Is this a wine you will be trying in 2021? Tell us what you think in the comments.