Avaline Sparkling Wine is the perfect drink to celebrate New Year’s Eve with

Avaline Founders Katherine Power and Cameron Diaz. Image Courtesy Justin Coit
Avaline Founders Katherine Power and Cameron Diaz. Image Courtesy Justin Coit /

Sparkling Wine from Avaline is a perfect, celebratory drink

Looking for a simple drink to ring in a new year with? Want a clean wine that sparkles instead of a champagne? Check out the Avaline Sparkling Wine that the company launched in December.

When Katherine Power and Cameron Diaz first introduced their new line of clean wines in 2020, it seemed like the perfect time to indulge a little. And while they started off with a White and a Rose wine, it didn’t take long for them to start expanding their offerings, including offering a delectable Red. So of course, it was not that surprising when they decide to take things to the next level with a Sparkling Wine.

And when it comes to delicious Sparkling Wine, I have to say that Avaline definitely delivers. Because of this, I would have to say that if you are looking for a bubbly alternative to champagne to ring in 2021 or to enjoy the first month of the new year, then you definitely need a bottle of Avaline Sparkling Wine in your life.

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Avaline Sparkling Wine brings a crisp, clear beverage perfect for any special occasion

At $26 per bottle, Avaline’s Sparkling Wine is definitely an affordable choice this year, especially for what you are getting. As a vegan friendly wine, you are getting something that pairs well with conversation, celebration, and even the simplest meals. From appetizers to a full meal, this sparkling wine delivers.

With three grape varietals in the mix, this wine has everything it takes to become your new favorite. And whether you snag it now or wait until another special moment, we think you’ll want to add Avaline to your table.

There are a lot of wines on the market, but Avaline is doing their part to make a name for themselves at the top of the pack.

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Have you tried Avaline yet? Will you be snagging a bottle of their Sparkling Wine? Tell us all about it in the comments.