30 High Tech Kitchen Items You Can Buy on Amazon

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Qi Aerista IoTea Brewer Smart Tea Brewer with App
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Qi Aerista IoTea Brewer ($199)

This Kickstarter-funded with an award winning design helps you make the perfect cup of tea. It works with a patented Aero-Brew infusion system for the perfect tea taste at the right brewing settings and a touch panel with nine presets for different types of tea. Works with the Qi Aerista app on iOS and Android.

This Tea Brewer is my favorite appliance in our house… It is so simple and easy to use and brews a perfect cup of tea. I backed this product on the Kickstarter promotion over 2 years ago, and I have used it almost every single day since. The app is designed well and easy to use, I love that I can set a timer for my tea to be brewing when I wake up in the morning. I can also keep my tea warm for up to an hour after brewing if something happens and I can’t get to it right away. The app also let’s me customize my brewing settings if I choose. Tea needs to be brewed at the exact right temperature for a precise amount of time and this is exactly what the Qi Aerista is designed to do, and it does it well! I couldn’t recommend it more.” — DKerryS

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