Good Humor is bringing back the iconic Viennetta ice cream cake

Image courtesy Viennetta
Image courtesy Viennetta /

Viennetta ice cream cake is coming back to stores thanks to Good Humor

The year 2021 is already proving to be amazing and that’s mainly due to the news that Good Humor’s Viennetta cake is coming back to stores in the US!

If you grew up in the 80 or 90s, you probably remember the fancy ice cream cake. My parents only bought it when we had company so it was definitely something I cherished whenever it was in the house. I also thought this was an actual Italian dessert when I was a kid. You can tell I didn’t grow up with tiramisu!

While the fancy ice cream cake hasn’t been available in the US for decades, it’s been thriving in the UK and Europe all this time. Luckily, Good Humor is changing that by bringing back the vanilla Viennetta cake to a US store near you.

Viennetta consists of vanilla and chocolate layers shaped into an easy-to-slice cake

If you’re too young to remember this flavor or just missed out on it when it was first available, the cake consists of a frozen wavy white vanilla base in between crispy chocolate layers.

The chocolate and vanilla layers are piled up into a cake-like shape and it’s the perfect treat for any time of year. While other ice cream cakes might be just for summer, this is fancy enough to have at any dinner party all year round.

When will it be available? That’s the most important question, right? It will be in stores nationwide starting in January 2021 and will be $5.49 per box. Whenever they hit my local store, I’m buying at least three. I used to sneak slices out of the freezer, but now we can all eat a whole one in our PJs if we want (no judgment!).

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Will you be picking up a Viennetta cake when it comes to your local store? Let us know in the comments below!