Klondike finds themselves inspired by breakfast once again

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Klondike is making it even more fun to snag breakfast in the mornings

Klondike continues to push the envelope when it comes to delicious flavor profiles. And in 2021, that means once again taking inspiration from breakfast.

Back in 2020, Klondike did something we may not have expected – they gave us doughnut inspired ice cream bars. From the flavors chosen, to the hole cut into the center of the bar, these were truly Klondike Donuts. And now, they are taking things up a notch by adding another staple of the breakfast routine – coffee.

According to a press release from the company, the newest way to wake up with a Klondike Bar is with the help of their newest flavor. And what is this new, must have flavor? It is the Wake Me Up Coffee Donut, of course.

Klondike finds breakfast inspiration with our favorite beverage

Made with 100 percent Arabica Colombian coffee, each of these ice cream bars is enrobed in a rich dark chocolate shell that has then had a white confectionary drizzle delicately layered into that shell.

For us, this is truly the perfect blend of ice cream, breakfast, and dessert. We are talking about some of our favorite treats getting a mashup makeover. Not only is this like getting a chance to enjoy a frozen iced coffee, but with the added fun of a donut. This is breakfast and dessert done right.

As an added bonus, each box of these decadent Klondike bars comes with enough for basically an entire week, meaning this could in fact double as your coffee/breakfast option for a week with very little guilt involved. Each box comes with six of the bars individually wrapped. The approximate retail price of each box is $3.49, which really is a steal for those of us who enjoy frozen coffee treats.

Maybe it is just me, but I love the fact that now we can enjoy a coffee with the other three donut flavors of the Klondike bars. Whether it is Boston Cream, Triple Chocolate, or the Frosted Strawberry, it just feels like coffee belongs in the mix. And having Wake Me Up Coffee joining the lineup feels like a natural progression for the ice cream bars.

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Are you as excited as we are by the arrival of the coffee inspired donut bar? Will you be trying this new flavor? Are you a fan of Klondike bars? Tell us in the comments.