Peet’s Coffee goes golden as they ring in the new year

Peet's Coffee Celebrates National Coffee Day With 25% Off Coffee Beans And More Exclusive Offers. Image courtesy Peet's Coffee
Peet's Coffee Celebrates National Coffee Day With 25% Off Coffee Beans And More Exclusive Offers. Image courtesy Peet's Coffee /

Peet’s Coffee brings golden restorative beverages to us in 2021

Looking to add a bit of golden goodness to your 2021? Look no further than Peet’s Coffee as they do their part to restore us in the new year.

As coffee and tea lovers, we are always on the lookout for new and innovative options. Whether it is a new flavor, a new brand, or even a way to combine health with our favorite beverage, we want to know all about it. And thankfully, Peet’s Coffee is doing their part to bring the innovation in 2021.

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For a limited time, customers can feel restored with a little help from some “Golden Goodness.” Crafted with ingredients commonly referred to as superfoods, Peet’s Coffee is giving us three must try beverages to give us a boost as we start 2021.

Peet’s Coffee introduces golden beverages perfect for restoring us after a difficult year

So what exactly are these limited time, winter beverages? They are specialty drinks that are handcrafted using ingredients and spices that are truly restorative in nature, including turmeric and ginger. For more details, here are the three new beverages you can snag from now until March 2:

  • Hot or Iced Golden Tonic – This drink starts off with Smooth Mighty Leaf Green Tea Tropical and is then steamed with turmeric, yuzu citrus, ginger, and a touch of honey.
  • Hot or Iced Golden Latte – For this drink, we have turmeric, honey, and ginger that are then steamed in milk and introduced to the hand-pulled Espresso Forte.
  • Hot or Iced Golden Chai Latte (This is a Peetnik Rewards Exclusive drink) – The final golden drink of the winter is the Golden Chai Latte which starts off with the Bold Mighty Leaf Masala Chai. The Chai is then mixed with a blend of warming spices, steamed milk, and turmeric.

While the Golden Tonic is a new addition to the menu in 2021, long time fans of Peet’s Coffee may remember the Golden Latte. And while you may already know about how flavorful and restorative the latte is, we can’t imagine that the new Golden Tonic won’t live up to the magic of its sister beverage.

If you want a bit of restorative magic in your life, Peet’s Coffee might just be the answer. Bold flavors and a vibrancy to the aromatics of each beverage make these drinks truly worth trying at least once. We are all about bringing a little bit of health and wellness into our lives in 2021, so long as it all tastes good too.

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Have you tried Peet’s Coffee yet? Will you be giving their Golden Goodness drinks for 2021 a try? Tell us in the comments.