Why is Spam sold out in stores? (No, really, why?)

Spam is reportedly sold out at many stores. And we are very, very curious to know why. Seriously.

At Guilty Eats, we try just about anything and everything. We don’t judge (well, for the most part). We love fast food and snacks, but we also enjoy the finer things in life, and Spam just isn’t it!

According to Mashed, the demand for Spam has significantly increased due to the pandemic. It’s in such high-demand, in fact, that many are having trouble finding it in store. To this, I say — Eww, why?

When I made trips to the grocery store (it’s only curbside pickup now), I remember always seeing Spam fully stocked in its aisle. And I mean fully. So you’re trying to tell me that now this area of the aisle is empty?

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I understand that the COVID-19 outbreak is causing many to stockpile food and buy canned goods, but Spam? Who would turn to Spam? Is this who we are now? The source reports that Spam saw a spike in demand in June and it hasn’t stopped.

There are so many things better than Spam

By all means, you do you. Who am I to judge your cravings? After all, we are all living in a very strange time. But please, consider treating your taste buds to something tastier. Give the block of mystery meat a break and at least have a can of tuna with some salty crackers.

Are you a fan of Spam? Is your pantry stocked with a good amount to last until things are “back to normal”? What do you think about this reported shortage in supply? Which food item have you been keeping in your pantry?