Magnum Ice Cream gives us four new decadent frozen treats to start 2021

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Magnum Ice Cream introduces four new flavors in 2021

When it comes to decadent flavors, rich ice cream, and treats that satisfy every sweet tooth, Magnum Ice Cream is a clear favorite. And now they are giving us four new indulgent flavors to start off 2021 with.

Not only are there three new ice cream bars to sink our teeth into, but there is also a new flavor for their tubs too. And we all know what that means – time for a dessert party for one!

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to decadence and ice cream, Magnum Ice Cream is one of the first things to come to mind. There is something about the difference ice cream bars, enrobed in chocolate that just seems to scream first class snacking. And with four new treats to enjoy, it is time to enjoy a little self-indulgence to get us through the next few months.

Magnum Ice Cream helps us indulge in deliciousness for the new year

So what are we indulging in now from Magnum Ice Cream? Truffles and cake of course! Introducing:

  • MINI Dark Chocolate Truffle Bar – For this bar we get a dark chocolate ganache sauce that has been swirled throughout the ice cream of dark chocolate that has been coated in a shell of dark chocolate.
  • MINI Berry Truffle Bar – The second bar features the dark chocolate ganache sauce swirled throughout a strawberry ice cream that is then enrobed in a shell of dark chocolate.
  • Double Chocolate Vanilla Truffle Bar – Once again we are looking at a dark chocolate ganache sauce being swirled through an ice cream of classic vanilla. This bar is also coated in the same dark chocolate shell.
  • Double Red Velvet – Finally, joining the ice cream tubs, we have a classic flavor profile – red velvet! For this ice cream we have chocolate ganache sauce that is swirled with an ice cream of cream cheese. It is then topped with crumbles of red velvet cake and pieces of white chocolate. There is then a crackling shell of white chocolate around the ice cream in the container.

Honestly, I can’t pick which of these new Magnum Ice Cream items sounds the best and I can’t wait to grab all four of these goodies from the freezer section. Since these are dropping in January, we don’t have long to wait and that is definitely exciting news.

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What do you think of these new releases? Which item are you the most excited about? Will you be grabbing all four of these new Magnum Ice Cream products? Tell us in the comments.