When does Selena + Chef season 2 premiere on HBO Max and who are the star chefs this season?

Selena + Chef season 2, photo courtesy HBO Max
Selena + Chef season 2, photo courtesy HBO Max /

Who are the star chefs in Selena + Chef season 2 and when does it premiere on HBO Max?

Selena + Chef on HBO Max is the reality cooking show we didn’t know we needed in 2020, and it’s back on Jan. 21! Who are the celebrity chefs this time around? Is this new season giving us what we asked for?

Who needs another cooking show, am I right? We have just about seen them all. Trust me, these were my thoughts until I decided to give Selena + Chef a watch. No regrets.

I loved it! It’s different because it features an amateur cook, Selena Gomez, making it very relatable because, we may be Guilty Eats, but that doesn’t mean we are experts in the kitchen! Watching Selena make mistakes and have dishes turn out not so great was refreshing.

The chefs and recipes were fun to watch and see come together, but we particularly enjoyed Selena’s home guests. Mainly, her adorable grandparents!

We love Papa, David Michael Cornett! He keeps it real and isn’t afraid to call his grandaughter out on her kitchen mistakes. If you agree, you’ll be happy to know that Papa is coming back for more in season 2, and he knows just how popular he has become.

Whether you are familiar with the star or not, Selena + Chef is a must-see.

Watch the trailer for Selena + Chef season 2 below

Star chefs helping Selena learn how to cook: 

  • Aarti Sequeira
  • Curtis Stone
  • Evan Funke
  • Graham Elliot
  • JJ Johnson
  • Jordan Andino
  • Jose Andres
  • Kelis Rogers
  • Marcela Valladolid
  • Marcus Samuelsson

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Gather your closest pals and grab your colorful rainbow knives, Selena + Chef season 2 premieres 3 new episodes on Jan. 21, another 3 on Jan. 28, and the final 3 on Feb. 4. 

Will you be watching? What do you love most about the series?