Kit Kat slims down, launches Kit Kat Thins: All you need to know

New Kit Kat Thins. Image courtesy Hershey's
New Kit Kat Thins. Image courtesy Hershey's /

Kit Kat has slimmed down with new Kit Kat Thins, which are here to stay!

As we teased last year, Kit Kat has officially announced plans to release a new line of their iconic chocolates.

Leave it to Kit Kat to keep everyone’s taste buds on their toes! The popular chocolate brand already has a large variety of flavors, some of which are only available for a limited time, which is part of the fun!

I always enjoy new, seasonal flavors and treats that are only around for a limited time. It makes me crave the candy so much more. Make no mistake, this doesn’t mean I won’t be the first one in stores searching for permanent additions to the chocolate line. In fact, I prefer it, because I can always buy more when I’m out.

It’s always also sad to say goodbye to a great flavor due to it only being around for a season or a holiday.

New Kit Kat Thins. Image courtesy Hershey’s
New Kit Kat Thins. Image courtesy Hershey’s /

All about Kit Kat Thins

If this sounds like you, you’ll be happy to learn that these Thins are here to stay! That’s right, not only is this the first-ever version of a Thin for Kit Kats, but it’s a permanent addition to the growing line of the brand.

What’s so different about this new chocolate? Don’t worry, same iconic and unbeatable taste — and yes, the crunch of the wafer is still there, but it won’t be as loud.

According to the press release, these feature “a smaller number of light and crispy wafers,” which will give these new bars a thinner look. The Thins will have two light and crispy wafers instead of three layers of wafers.

The Kit Kat Thins will be available nationwide at all massive retailers in 3.4 and 7.2 oz bags for a suggested retail price of $2.39 and $3.89, respectively.

When are these new chocolates available: You will begin finding these in stores in February 2021.

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Will you be rushing to stores to find the new Kit Kat Thins? Please let us know your thoughts! What is your favorite Kit Kat flavor?