Kit Kat will slim down like many of us for early 2021

Kit Kat Bat Bars. Image Courtesy Sam's Club
Kit Kat Bat Bars. Image Courtesy Sam's Club /

Hershey’s is looking to bring us Kit Kat in a more slimmed-down version

I don’t know how many other people love Kit Kat as much as I do, but those chocolate-covered wafers are right at the top of my candy bar must have list. Although this particular bar of chocolate is my favorite, I’m not too sure about Hershey’s next plan for the candy. According to Delish, Kit Kat Thins are set to make a debut in 2021.

Some of the thinner variety of snacks are definitely a hit. Oreo Thins come to mind first because I sometimes find them better than the original. There’s also York Thins which Hershey brought us earlier this year. Now Hershey’s will try out an entirely new thin candy with the arrival of the Kit Kat Thins.

The news came from the @Candy Hunting twitter account by way of Candy Fun House. We should be seeing the new slightly thinner version of Kit Kat in the spring and more specifically March. Normal Kit Kat has three layers of wafers and Thins will only have two sandwiched between the chocolate.

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Kit Kat Thins sounds interesting, but I’d take more layers every day of the week.

Personally, I am a bit disappointed since I enjoy every layer of the wafer in a normal Kit Kat. If I truly have my choice, I even prefer the Big Kats which provide us with 5 whopping layers of the wafer in every bar. Obviously, the chocolate provided by Hershey’s is the real show-stealer, but the additional wafers provide great texture in every bite.

Based on the pictures available, we have to assume, Kit Kat Thins will be coming in a shareable bag rather than just packaged as a regular candy bar (strike two). This is understandable because it provides everyone access to multiple smaller bars at once to enjoy at their own discretion. It also allows you to pass on pieces to other Kit Kat lovers so they can try these for themselves.

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I enjoy the experience of unwrapping individually wrapped bars like it is a little present of candy bar. It also helps slow me down from eating too much at once. I am interested in trying the new Kit Kat Thins to see how it stacks up (no pun intended) to regular Kit Kats (and maybe even the Big Kats). Hopefully, March and the release date will be here before we even know it.