Top 16 bagel flavors ranked from worst to best

National Bagel Day Trends, photo pr Vied by GrubHub
National Bagel Day Trends, photo pr Vied by GrubHub /

The top bagel flavors ranked from worst to best

Bagels are one of the greatest, if not the greatest, food of all time. It’s bread that you can put tons of toppings on, what’s better than that? Clearly, I’m not the only person who believes this either because Mashed recently wrote up an article called “Bagel flavors ranked from worst to best.” While everyone has their favorite, we all have one flavor that reigns supreme. That being said, any bagel addict can tell you that Mashed got the order all wrong.

First of all (and possibly the worst transgression made in this article), they put salt bagels last on the list. SALT BAGELS. If you’ve ever had a good salt bagel, you know how sacrilegious this opinion is. A good salt bagel is like eating chicken noodle soup when you’re sick or having your favorite cake on your birthday. It’s perfection. Clearly, this Mashed writer has not had that pleasure, otherwise, they wouldn’t have put one of the best flavors last on the list.

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I’m also skeptical of anyone who puts plain bagels so low on the list. If you go to a good bagel place, their plain should be just as good as the ones with different flavors.

A good bagel place’s plain should be just as good as their other flavors

Yes, a plain bagel from the grocery store is going to taste like cardboard unless you add a bunch of stuff to it, but a plain bagel from a legitimate place should be wonderful.

The next issue I have with this list is a personal one. Putting french toast at number 12 is an affront to my livelihood. I eat french toast bagels every Saturday and Sunday. They are just the thing for any sweet tooth craving.

If pancakes, waffles, and actual french toast are good enough for breakfast, so is a delicious french toast bagel. It is especially good if you don’t have a decent bagel place near you. It’s hard to mess up something with this much sugary deliciousness on it.

The Mashed article also puts Asiago below blueberry bagels…what??? Sure, if blueberry muffins are your thing and you want that in bagel form, go for it. But putting a cheese-covered bagel below one that can be iffy on actual blueberry flavor? The wrongness of it is very upsetting.

The other flavors on the list and where they’re placed are fine. Would I make an everything bagel my number one flavor? Absolutely not, but clearly the writer of the post likes savory over sweet.

Now, using only the flavors listed in the Mashed article, this would be my flavors ranked from worst to best:

16. Rainbow

15. Blueberry

14. Multigrain

13. Wheat

12. Cinnamon Raisin

11. Plain

10. Chocolate Chip

9. Garlic

8. Egg

7. Pumpernickel

6. Everything

5. Onion

4. Asiago

3. Salt

2. French toast

1. Poppyseed

Some of the ones listed as the worst are ones I haven’t had before so don’t be too upset about their placement. Sadly, there are no rainbow bagels near me and I don’t think I’ve ever had a multigrain or a wheat one before. But blueberry is my bagel nemesis so that deserves the spot it’s at. (And while plain didn’t break the top 10, that has more to do with the other flavors we had to choose from.)

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What is your favorite bagel flavor? How would you rank these flavors? Let us know in the comments below!