Snack time is better with Post cereal flavored waffles

NEW PEBBLES Waffles from Post. Image courtesy of Post
NEW PEBBLES Waffles from Post. Image courtesy of Post /

Whether you are looking to shake things up at breakfast or you are looking for a fun and tasty snack, Post has the perfect waffles for all of us. And we are obsessed!

Recently Post released two flavors of cereal flavored waffles and if you are a fan of cereal for breakfast, then these will be immediately recognizable. Right now there is a Cocoa Pebbles chocolatey waffle and a Fruity Pebbles waffle!

And we got to try them both. We love cereal and we love waffles for both breakfast and snack time.

So these ended up being perfect for both starting the day and snacking later on.

Post released the tastiest waffles inspired by two of their classic breakfast cereal flavors

NEW PEBBLES Waffles from Post. Image courtesy of Post /

In terms of flavor, both of them are delicious. The Cocoa Pebbles was a shocking win in terms of a waffle flavor, and it actually worked really well with a bit of butter. But for me, the Fruity Pebbles was my personal favorite. It is sweet and fruity, without being over the top.

I love adding butter and syrup to any waffle, and these still taste amazing like that. But I did find myself skipping the syrup and just enjoying the sweet with the salty (because yes, I use salted butter).

And if you want to give either of these waffles a try for yourself, there is actually a website running through October 31, 2023 that will actually let you get a free box! The site will give you a rebate up to $3.79 for the price of one box. And that means that this is the perfect time to give these two flavors from Post a try!

We love trying new things for free and we think you will too!

Have you tried either of these Post cereal waffle flavors? Will you be trying them both? Let us know on social media and tell us what you think.

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