How bad for you is Hawaiian Punch?

Hawaiian Punch assortment. Image by Kimberly Spinney
Hawaiian Punch assortment. Image by Kimberly Spinney /

We should all know Hawaiian Punch isn’t good for you, but just how bad is it?

As much as I enjoy my guilty eats, there are a few foods and drinks you won’t ever catch me with, and Hawaiian Punch is one of them!

For starters, I find Hawaiian Punch simply too sweet for me. Overbearingly sweet, if you ask me. If I wanted that much sugar, I would just get a spoonful of it from my sugar jar. And if I’m not a fan of the juice, there’s no way I’m giving it to my children. But hey, that’s just my humble opinion.

I know this drink is a childhood classic, but that doesn’t make it better for you.

Whether you love Hawaiian Punch or not, that’s all up to you, I am just here to deliver some facts about how bad this juice is for you. From Juicy Red to Blue Typhoon flavors, here are some facts about the popular drink.

Hawaiian Punch drink facts that are tough to swallow

First thing’s thing: Hawaiian Punch is not “real juice.” The parent company of the drink is Dr. Pepper, and they have shared, according to Mashed, that there is only 3% juice in these. Yikes. The overpowering ingredients are water and high fructose corn syrup.

Does it have Vitamin C? Yes, that it does, but only 20% in an 8-ounce glass, not worth it when you’re also taking in all that sugar.

Is It Bad For You also shares that the drink can cause headaches and even nausea. This may also come as no surprise, but the Red 40 and Blue 1 artificial colors cause hyperactivity in children.

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How do you feel about Hawaiian Punch? Do you love it any more or less after reading this? What’s your go-to guilty drink?