Nadiya Bakes on Netflix is your new favorite comfort show

You know that warm and comforting feeling you get when you’re watching The Great British Baking Show? That’s the exact same feeling you’ll get when you watch Nadiya Bakes on Netflix. And it kind of makes sense, considering the host, Nadiya Hussain, was the winner of The Great British Baking Show in 2015.

Nadiya is such a fun, friendly, and completely relatable host. Even if you’re meh about baking, she will make you want to go get some ingredients and start whipping up a blueberry scone pizza.

She is also with you if you don’t want to share her chocolate fondant with anyone but yourself. She understands if you want to eat three of her strawberry shortcake cupcakes in one sitting. She supports you. And really, when you have a sweet tooth, that support is all you really need.

But it’s not just her infectious personality that makes this show so good. The recipes will have you unknowingly reaching to your TV screen to grab whatever delicious thing Nadiya is making. She makes brownies that will have you drowning in your old drool.

Nadiya Bakes is the comforting food show we all need

And I know what your thinking. How can brownies be different? OMG. First of all, hers are three layers. The first is a brownie layer. The second is a dulce de leche layer. And the final layer… cheesecake!! It will make you fall off your couch.

She also makes a magical chocolate caramel flan. I honestly don’t even know how this works but it does. Apparently, you follow the instructions and somehow you end up with a caramel flan on top of a chocolate cake. When I tell you I let out such an inhuman noise when she made this…just go watch it!

But not everything Nadiya makes is sweet. She also whips up some chicken donuts (trust me. they look amazing!) and some pepperoni pull-apart bread that will have you weeping because you don’t have any in front of you. Thinking about it again is getting me a little choked up.

She also talks about her family, how they share food, and foods she remembers when she was a kid. Everyone has those kinds of memories or at least a food they remember from when they were a kid. It’s something that brings people together and I think her sharing those moments is part of what makes the show feel so homey and comforting.

There is also a segment where she shows us a pastry chef, business owner, or chocolatier who is doing amazing things with baked goods.

I also really liked that at the end of each episode she gathers her crew and has them all share her final recipe. It really gives a sense of camaraderie, love, and supportiveness to the show and you don’t see that every day.

So if you’re feeling lonely or sad due to the pandemic (or for any other reason), please try watching Nadiya Bakes. It won’t solve all your problems but it’ll let you escape for a little bit into a happier place. And it’ll probably make you massively hungry, so make sure you have snacks on hand.

Have you watched Nadiya Bakes? What’s your favorite recipe she makes? Let us know in the comments below!