Smartwater introduces a new line of products that takes their water up a notch

New Smartwater+ line in Clarity, Renew, and Tranquility. Image courtesy of Smartwater.
New Smartwater+ line in Clarity, Renew, and Tranquility. Image courtesy of Smartwater. /

If you are a fan of Smartwater, then we have some exciting news for you. On March 1, a new line of premium waters are arriving in stores to take your drinking game up a notch.

With the new Smartwater+ line we get a “first-of-its-kind” collection of premium waters that feature both flavorful extracts and special ingredients. As we try to improve the way we stay hydrated, there is something special about the way this iconic water brand is keeping things fresh and interesting.

While I know plenty of people who consider water to be boring, Smartwater has always been a favorite for many of us. And now we can shake things up with three new waters that are to hydrate not only our bodies, but also our spirits and mind.

Introducing Smartwater+ Clarity, Smartwater+ Tranquility, and Smartwater+ Renew. So what is so special about these new waters?

Smartwater gives us three new waters to improve our overall health with

Up first we have the Renew water. For this premium water we get extracts of lemon and dandelion (they had me at lemon). This water is all about revitalizing ourselves and staying hydrated (of course). Think of it as renewal in a bottle.

The second water is all about Tranquility. With this water, we have extracts of tangerine and ashwagandha (this is an ancient herbal remedy that is known for its ability to reduce both stress and anxiety). Bring on a sense of calm, along with the added bonus of hydration.

Finally there is the Clarity water. Here we have extracts of green tea and ginseng, which are known for their ability to improve our overall focus.

We all know that water is about hydrating our bodies and keeping things running smoothly. But there are times when you need a bit of a boost. And with these three new Smartwater options, we get hydration kicked up a notch.

These waters will come in the standard 700 ml bottles that we all know and love, and will cost around $2.19 per bottle.

I don’t know about you, but I am pretty excited to shake things up when it comes to getting in my daily intake of water. And as a fan of Smartwater, having new options to choose from is truly exciting.

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Will you be trying these new waters? Which flavor are you the most excited about? Tell us in the comments below.