AHA sparkling water adds extra spark with two new flavors

AHA Sparkling Waters. Image by Kimberley Spinney
AHA Sparkling Waters. Image by Kimberley Spinney /

Just in time for Spring, AHA sparkling water is adding two new flavors to its already flavor-packed lineup. This is great news for any fans of sparkling water that always features interesting flavor combinations. The new flavors are arriving roughly one year after the original launch of AHA sparkling water.

The new flavors are Raspberry + Acai and also Mango + Black Tea. Both sounds tasty, but the Mango + Black Tea definitely piques the interest of my tastebuds. This features the tropical taste of mango paired with black tea. Mango-flavored teas are actually a favorite of mine that I do not always readily admit. Best of all, you get 30mg of caffeine with the Mango + Black Tea combination.

Both flavors are calorie, sodium, and sweetener free so you can enjoy the great taste without any guilt. Each flavor is the result of extensive research and testing.

AHA began the process with more than 300 flavors and tested 42 flavor pairings before whittling it down to the two new flavors. As Brand Manager Natalie Suarez stated “We’ve always taken a consumer-centric approach with this brand, so we started out by exploring gaps and opportunities in our existing lineup to see how we could expand our reach. We think these new flavors taste delicious and are confident our fans will agree.”

The new AHA flavors fit in perfectly with the unique flavors already offered

Hopefully, in time we will get a chance to try some of the other flavors that did not make the final cut. For now, we get the addition of the Raspberry + Acai and Mango + Black Tea. I have to assume that both combinations will feature bursting flavors of each element similar to what we get from the other AHA flavor mashups.

As a piece of the Coca-Cola Company sparkling water umbrella, AHA has differentiated itself by going with a mix of two flavors in every can. Instead of getting the standard orange flavor, AHA gives us Orange + Grapefruit. One of my favorites is Lime + Watermelon. The worlds of tart and sweet are perfectly balanced when drinking this combination. Plus it makes you feel like you could be enjoying an adult drink on the beach when your mind takes you away.

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AHA describes the combinations as a pairing of mainstream fruit flavors with trending but less-expected tastes with sensory appeal. The mashups seem to work perfectly and have been very successful. Like the other flavors, the new Raspberry + Acai and Mango + Black Tea are available in eight-packs of 12-oz. cans and in 16-oz. individual cans at select grocers across the country. The official launch date is March 1st.