Bang Energy Drinks: Which flavors are in the Top 5?

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GREAT BRITAIN - MARCH 08: Soft drinks for sale on Brighton beach resort, South Coast of England, United Kingdom (Photo by Tim Graham/Getty Images) /

There are so many different energy drinks out there on the market. Some claim to have additional benefits and offer a ‘cleaner’ way to get some added energy and fuel, while others are more simple with their advertising.

One of the best brands and most popular brands of energy drinks out there: Bang Energy. Founded back in 1993, Bang Energy has been providing fuel and flavor to its customers ever since.

Bang Energy has tons of different flavors: which flavors made the Top 5?

Depending on your own personal flavor preferences, Bang’s got ya covered; sour flavors, sweet flavors, all else in between are sure to be covered within this brand of energy drinks.

Let’s round up all of their flavors into one Top 5 list!

5. Purple Kiddles

Purple Kiddles is a flavor that initially got released as a Military Exclusive; however, I was able to get my hands on some at a local convenience store, thanks to my source (shoutout to you, Joey).

The flavor is pretty plain, simple, and delicious: a handful of cold, fizzy Skittles. Honestly, there’s no other flavor of energy drink like this out on the market, so if you love Skittles and energy drinks, then be sure to snag a can if you ever see one. You won’t be disappointed; I promise.

4. Key Lime Pie

First of all, behind the baby blue and light pink Radical Skedattle flavor, Key Lime Pie has the best can design of them all. It’s a super vibrant lime green can mixed with neon pink and a medium-toned blue (all bright, all stand out a lot).

Now, in terms of flavor, normally a dessert-flavored drink is too sweet and doesn’t always taste as good; however, there’s certainly a reason that it made it onto my personal Top 5. It’s got the perfect amount of sour lime flavor without being too strong; you also get that tiny bit of graham-cracker crust visions that go perfectly together in drink form! Don’t eat desserts? Try this instead!

3. Candy Apple Crisp

This is one of those flavors that, while I had super high hopes for, I also wasn’t sure how Bang had planned on balancing the flavors of such an iconic (candy) combination (in my head, I wanted this to taste like those classic caramel apple suckers, and let’s just say: spoiler alert, I wasn’t disappointed).

Candy Apple Crisp had the perfect combination of tart apples mixed with the sweetness that comes with the sweet caramel flavors that we all know, love, and were expecting. Even though it’s number three on my list, this is definitely a unique flavor that, if you choose any from this list, try out this one!

2. Star Blast

Remember all of your most-loved Summer moments where you’ve got a Rocket Pop in your hand, slightly melting from the heat? Yeah, that’s what Star Blast tastes like. It tastes like one of Summer’s most iconic popsicles that everyone knows and loves.

If there was a way to explain what it would taste like if we melted the entire Rocket Pop and mixed all flavors together, Bang’s Star Blast would be it. There’s not much to say about this flavor because it’s just that good. Try it!

1. Black Cherry Vanilla

And here comes my favorite! Black Cherry Vanilla tastes somewhat like a Cherry Coke. And for those people who don’t drink pop anymore, but still like fizzy, bubbly drinks, definitely try this one out! It doesn’t have me missing the real stuff, that’s for sure (I don’t drink pop super often, but drinking this particular flavor makes me feel like I am).

You definitely don’t get more Black Cherry vs. Vanilla. You get the perfect marriage of flavors to enjoy for any time, moment, or occasion alike! Bottoms up!

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If you’ve tried Bang Energy (energy) drinks, let us know down in the comments below. Which energy drink is your favorite? Do you have a favorite flavor?