National Snack Day 2021: American Pecans and Angela Kinsey want to help you Clean Up Your Snacks

Clean Up Your Snacks Sweepstakes with American Pecans and Angela Kinsey. Image courtesy American Pecans
Clean Up Your Snacks Sweepstakes with American Pecans and Angela Kinsey. Image courtesy American Pecans /

Happy National Snack Day! Are your snacks a little messy? Both figuratively and literally? American Pecans and actress Angela Kinsey (yes, that Angela) have teamed up to help Americans clean up their snacking habits and sticky workspaces to celebrate National Snack Day.

Let’s be honest here, as I sit and type this feature away, I have a snack and drink on my desk. Can you blame me? A workspace is not complete without a snack (or three), whether you work from home or are back in the office.

American Pecans shares that a new survey revealed interesting data! Though, to be honest, the results aren’t all too shocking. Since the pandemic began, the source shares that our snacking habits have drastically changed. Here’s what they learned:

"4 in 10 Americans are snacking more in front of a computer screen"

"1 in 3 Americans said their workspace gets messy or greasy from snacking at least once a week"

"70% of respondents admit they want to eat healthier snacks, yet more than half said they’d have a hard time giving up snacking"

Once again, if we’re being honest, a desire to stop snacking while working is simply not there. I know I don’t want to! Do you? Snacks help keep us motivated, but it does greatly help if what we are snacking on is on the healthy side.

This is why American Pecans have created a sweepstake that’ll allow Americans to enter for a chance to win free snacks for a year!

Angela Kinsey is the perfect gal to join American Pecans on this mission. The release shares that she and her husband Josh Snyder actually have a YouTube channel called Baking with Josh & Ange where they share healthy snacking hacks.

National Snack Day: How to enter to win free snacks

To enter head to the HERE to land on American Pecans’ sweepstake page. All you have to do is show American Pecans your messy desk!  That’s right, just grab your camera to snap a photo of the crumbs and sticky keyboard and submit it to the page we linked. Enter your email and submit!

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Will you be entering? How messy is your desk?