Kettle Brand gives us new Krinkle Cut chip flavors to snack on

Kettle Brand Krinkle Cut Truffle & Sea Salt Chips. Image courtesy of Kettle Brand
Kettle Brand Krinkle Cut Truffle & Sea Salt Chips. Image courtesy of Kettle Brand /

It’s time to get your snack on! If you are a fan of kettle chips, but you also like the wavy cut, then you need the new Krinkle Cut flavors of Kettle Brand chips.

Not only has Kettle Brand gone through a bit of a makeover in the packaging department, but they are also taking their Krinkle Cut chips to the next level with two new chip flavors. Joining two fan favorite flavors, Salt & Fresh Ground Pepper and Dill Pickle, we are getting chips in a decadent flavor of Truffle & Sea Salt, as well as a spicier option thanks to the new Habanero Lime.

Considering Kettle Brand chips are already known for bringing pops of flavor in every bite, it makes sense that they would give us some flavors that are truly exciting. And with new packaging that pops with color, you won’t miss any of these Krinkle Cut chips on grocery store shelves.

With the Habanero Lime chip, you get a zesty kick of citrus with that punch of heat from the habanero, making this a perfect snack for anyone who loves a little zing and spice. And then we have the Truffle & Sea Salt which is a decadent snack that gives you the oaky flavor of truffle that is both earthy but simple in flavor profile. (As someone who loves truffle mayo and truffle butter, these chips are at the top of my list for delicious snacking.)

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Kettle Brand launches two new flavors of Krinkle Cut chips

So where can you grab a bag of salty goodness? According to a press release about the package makeover and new releases, we learned that the Habanero Lime was launched first at Whole Foods. Then all four flavors will be dropping in stores like Publix, Albertsons, and Kroger, with two sizes of bag, a 5 ounce at approximately $2.99 and 8.5 ounces at $3.89 per bag.

No matter which flavor profile you prefer, these Krinkle Cut chips are a must try for all your snacking needs. And on a personal note, I definitely recommend the Truffle & Sea Salt Chips, as well as the Salt & Fresh Ground Pepper Chips. Both flavors are classic and delicious, perfect for eating on their own or with any number of dips.

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Are you a fan of Kettle Brand chips? Which flavor do you prefer? Will you be trying the Truffle & Sea Salt or the Habanero Lime? Tell us in the comments below.