Kellogg’s is bringing back Cereal Straws

Kellogg's is bringing back cereal straws. Image courtesy Kellogg's
Kellogg's is bringing back cereal straws. Image courtesy Kellogg's /

Who remembers Kellogg’s Cereal Straws? They’ve been away for over a decade, but are making a comeback and we couldn’t be more excited! Learn about when they return, the flavors to expect, and where you can find these in stores.

I’ll be honest here, I don’t remember seeing Kellogg’s Cereal Straws in stores, and I know for a fact I have never tried one. Have you?

After a petition calling for the return of these straws got the attention of Kellogg’s, the brand decided to give the people what they wanted!

Did I completely miss them or were they just not that popular? If it’s the latter, perhaps they were just ahead of their time, because I know my kids would love these! And hey, I wouldn’t mind enjoying these as a breakfast treat from time to time!

cereal straws
Kellogg’s is bringing back cereal straws. Image courtesy Kellogg’s /

Everything you need to know about Kellogg’s Cereal Straws

These new straws from Kellogg’s return in October 2021 and you can find them in stores nationwide. Now, for the flavors! Kellogg’s Cereal Straws will be available in:

  • Kellogg’s Froot Loops
  • Kellogg’s Cocoa Krispies

My personal favorite nostalgic cereal is Froot Loops. To this day, I still serve myself a bowl of Froot Loops from time to time, so a Froot Loops straw is very exciting! And the  Kellogg’s Cocoa Krispies? Yes, please!

Imagine how tasty milk will be through this chocolate-flavored straw! Yum!  My kids are going to love it.

The Kellogg’s straws will be available in three sizes: You can buy a package with 5 of these straws for $1 (which is a great price for those who want to try these for the first time). Bags of 18 will cost you $3, and 24-count straw bags for $5.

Please keep in mind that these are suggested retail prices, but may vary by store.

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