Baskin-Robbins spring 2021 menu: New Mangonada sip and more to try

New at Baskin-Robbins this April 2021: Mangonada. Image courtesy Baskin-Robbins
New at Baskin-Robbins this April 2021: Mangonada. Image courtesy Baskin-Robbins /

The flavors of spring have arrived at Baskin-Robbins! This April 2021, there are new delicious and refreshing sips and scoops to enjoy. Read on and be sure to share what you’re most excited to try!

Baskin-Robbins has shared new drinks and flavors they have coming to the popular ice cream chain in April 2021, just in time to cool us off and get us in the mood for all things spring.

We can always count on Baskin-Robbins to give our taste buds what they need. Whether we need comforting drinks in the winter or refreshing flavors in the summer, Baskin-Robbins knows what we need and is never one to fall behind seasonal menus and trends.

Below, we share which new flavors we’ll be able to enjoy, how long they’ll be around for, and other fun deals!

New flavors at Baskin-Robbins this April 2021

Mangonada: First off, a personal favorite, the new Mangonada! Is there anything better than a mixture of sweet and spicy flavors? If you’ve never tried a Mangonada, you’re missing out! The Mangonada combines mango puree, chamoy, and Tajin seasoning. Your taste buds will thank you.

Flavor of the Month: The ice cream chain will introduce a new non-dairy Flavor of the Month, the Watermelon Swirl Sorbet. Yum! Watermelon flavors are a springtime staple, so this is perfect. This new flavor features watermelon and is swirled with raspberry-flavored candy. My mouth is watering.

Sip on a Sweet Deal: Baskin-Robbins is also gifting fans with a great deal! Customers who spend $15 or more when ordering a Mangonada get $5 off  — this is only valid at DoorDash and only between April 12-18.

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What are you the most excited to try? The Mangonada or Watermelon Swirl? Will you be taking advantage of the DoorDash deal? What is your favorite flavor from Baskin-Robbins