Fishers Island Lemonade is launching four new ways to enjoy your spiked lemonade

Photo: Fishers Island Lemonade.. Image Courtesy Fishers Island Lemonade
Photo: Fishers Island Lemonade.. Image Courtesy Fishers Island Lemonade /

It’s time to get ready for summer with the help of Fishers Island Lemonade. And what better way to do that than with four new offerings?

The first time we tried Fishers Island Lemonade, we fell in love. From the crisp flavors and the fresh punch of lemon, to the kick of the vodka and whiskey, this was a perfect canned cocktail. It actually tastes like lemonade, which is always important, and it really was a refreshing sip, even with this being spiked lemonade.

So is it any wonder that we were thrilled to learn that Fishers Island Lemonade had decided to expand their line to include four new ways to appreciate your lemonade? Seriously, this is exciting news for us, as we now know exactly what we are going to be drinking all summer long.

Joining their standard Spiked Lemonade, we have a Spiked Tea, a Pink Flamingo, an Island Fizz, and finally the Frozen Spirit Pops (my current obsession). To learn a little more about these must-try Fisher Island Lemonade products, read on.

Fishers Island Lemonade has expanded their lineup to include four new spiked offerings

  • Fishers Island Spiked Tea – With a seven percent ABV, this drink is a take on a classic. This is a half and half drink giving us black tea and lemonade blended and spiked.
  • Fishers Island Pink Flamingo – This sip also has seven percent ABV and is lemonade taken to the next level. We are talking about the addition of cranberry in this drink. (This is my new favorite spiked lemonade and I can’t wait to stock up for summer BBQs.)
  • Fishers Island Fizz – Here is drink with just a five percent ABV, but that takes the classic spiked lemonade and adds in a bit of effervescents. This is a sparkling take on the original and it was actually a lot of fun to sip on. (Think of this as a lemonade version of a hard seltzer.)
  • Fishers Island Frozen Spirit Pops – With the Spirit Pops, we are getting a frozen popsicle of deliciousness, with an ABV of seven percent. This is basically the spiked lemonade with a hint of honey, frozen into a slush pop. It’s fun, innovative, and perfect for poolside and beach time.

There is something special about Fishers Island Lemonade. From the fun cans that scream summer to the deliciousness of the spiked lemonade itself, this a perfect take on a canned cocktail. And the fact that this can go from Spring to Summer and beyond makes this a must-have on our shopping list.

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Have you tried this spiked lemonade before? Will you be giving their newest offerings a try? Tell us in the comments below.