Fishers Island Lemonade is the hard lemonade that goes from summer to winter with ease

Photo: Fishers Island Lemonade.. Image Courtesy Fishers Island Lemonade
Photo: Fishers Island Lemonade.. Image Courtesy Fishers Island Lemonade /

There are plenty of hard drinks on the market, but Fishers Island Lemonade is perhaps one of the best. And it is perfect any time of the year too.

When it comes to canned alcoholic beverages, there are a lot of options available. From hard ciders and teas to hard lemonade, there seems to be an alcoholic beverage for every taste and personality. And one of those hard lemonades happens to be Fishers Island Lemonade.

What makes Fishers Island Lemonade stand out from the crowd is the fact that not only does it taste like a fresh can of lemonade, but it also contains whiskey and vodka, as well as lemonade and honey. Each can has an ABV of 9 percent, and features barrel-aged whiskey and premium vodka, which helps contribute to its stunning flavor profile.

Seriously, when it comes to hard lemonades, I tend to be skeptical, because they often say they taste like the real thing and then they don’t or leave a weird aftertaste. But not this time. Instead, Fishers Island Lemonade ended up being a true treat. Not only did it taste like a real can of lemonade, but it hit the spot when it came to wanting that hard drink on Friday night.

Fishers Island Lemonade
Photo: Fishers Island Lemonade.. Image Courtesy Fishers Island Lemonade /

However, there is more to Fishers Island Lemonade than just the fact that it tastes great. It also helps that it can be enjoyed in a number of ways. Not only can you drink it straight from the can or over a glass of ice, but it is also perfect for making a slushee with or even heating up to make a hot toddy. Yes, I said it… this is the kind of drink that would make an excellent heated lemon toddy.

There is an entire story to Fishers Island Lemonade that makes it the kind of drink you reach for. Not only does it come from a female-founded company, but it is also a gluten-free option that is a healthy alternative to most malt drinks.

Originally distributed throughout New England and New York, this hard lemonade has spread to other states including Colorado and Georgia. And hopefully, with more attention and love coming its way, Fishers Island Lemonade will find its way to many more states.

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