Digiorno’s new gluten-free crust pizza tastes as good as the original

DiGiorno Gluten Free Pizza. Image courtesy DiGiorno
DiGiorno Gluten Free Pizza. Image courtesy DiGiorno /

I am always skeptical of pizza that’s gluten-free. Bread (with gluten) is one of my favorite things in the whole world. How could a gluten-free pizza (even from Digiorno themselves) live up to the amazingness that is bread? But I’ve been trying to be more open and check out some gluten-free products.

Some have been awful. Pasta needs gluten. It just does. So do cookies! I’ve yet to meet a good gluten-free cookie. I thought pizza would be the same but after trying the Digiorno gluten-free crust pizza, I was clearly wrong.

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I was lucky enough to be offered a sample of this pizza and when I threw it in the oven, well…let’s just say I had take-out on speed dial. I was worried.

I preheated the oven with a pizza stone in it and then threw the pizza in and waited 18 minutes.

As soon as it came out of the oven, I was actually optimistic. It looked exactly how it was supposed to. The cheese was gooey, the pepperoni was glistening, and the crust was crispy. This was made even more clear when I cut into it and it made a very loud crunch!!

New Digiorno gluten-free crust pizza comes in pepperoni and four cheese

But what about the taste?

It tastes shockingly similar to the regular Digiorno pepperoni pizza. I was genuinely surprised! There’s a little difference in the taste of the crust but I’m not exactly sure what that difference is. But it wasn’t bad. Honestly, unless you’re as obsessed with bread as I am, you probably won’t notice it at all.

It was also unbelievably crispy! I don’t know if this was because I used a pizza stone but OMG, it was good!

DiGiorno Gluten Free Pizza. Image courtesy DiGiorno
DiGiorno Gluten Free Pizza. Image courtesy DiGiorno /

Beyond the crust, everything is the same deliciousness that everyone loves about pizza. The mozzarella was gooey, the sauce was just the right amount, and the pepperoni was freaking delicious. It’s pepperoni. You can’t really go wrong there!

It tastes so similar to a regular pizza that I think if this is placed next to the original DiGiorno pizza in the grocery store and you accidentally pick it up, you will not notice the difference. If I hadn’t known it was gluten-free, I probably would’ve never known.

So, if you’re trying to go gluten-free for whatever reason and don’t want to always eat different food than everyone else in your house, this is definitely the pizza to try. They’ll never know it’s gluten-free.

Where can you get this pizza? It will begin hitting Target this month so keep your eyes open when you’re in the freezer section. It will be in more stores later in the year. It costs $9.99 per pizza and comes in two flavors: pepperoni and four cheese.

Editorial Update:

We are adding in the cooking instructions for the DiGiorno Gluten-Free Pizza direct from the company to help make it easier to cook up a perfect pizza at home:

"Step 1: Preheat and bake at 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep pizza frozen while preheating.Step 2: Remove pizza from freshness wrapStep 3: Place pizza directly on center oven rackStep 4: Bake for 18 minutesStep 5: Let stay 5 minutes before enjoying"

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Will you be trying this new pizza? Are you excited by this less than guilty news? Tell us in the comments below.