Japanese Kit Kat flavors offer some of the uniqueness not found in U.S. candy aisles

Kit Kat international flavor assortment. Image provided by Kimberley Spinney
Kit Kat international flavor assortment. Image provided by Kimberley Spinney /

There is something very special about Japan’s Kit Kat flavors. Not only is the packaging picture worthy (bring on the fabulous Instagram posts), but they are delicious and fascinating in equal measure. And I am lucky enough to have a friend in Japan who sent me a care package filled with flavors we never really see here in the United States.

While this is not the first time I have tried an international flavor of Kit Kat, it is the first time I have ever felt a sense of jealousy over what we are lacking in candy aisles across the U.S.

Sure, some of these Japanese Kit Kat flavors can be purchased online or at stores like World Market, but it takes away from that sense of spontaneity. We have all had that desire for something sweet and walked down a candy aisle to see what would catch our eye and satisfy our sweet tooth. And wouldn’t it be nice if we could appreciate a bit more variety in our Kit Kat flavors in our own local stores?

Even though it seems like we are pretty limited when it comes to snagging those unique flavors in a physical store, at least we have sites like OMG Japan to help us keep our unique Kit Kat flavor love satisfied.

Japanese Kit Kat flavors offer us a unique sweet treat every time

So which flavors do we wish were in stores in the U.S.?

I have previously mentioned the Green Tea Kit Kat, which has actually been found in the U.S. depending on your store and what they typically carry (again, thank you World Market). And that is definitely a flavor I was shocked to really love, and wish was offered on a wider scale.

Another flavor that was surprisingly delicious was the Purple Sweet Potato. This is a flavor that is not too sweet, but still gives us just enough sweetness to satisfy any sugar cravings we may have. And honestly, it is such a pretty color of light purple that you’ll want to share this Kit Kat all over Instagram.

Cheesecake Flavored Kit Kats were a nice surprise for even the pickiest cheesecake fan (my father even approved and he is a New York cheesecake from Cascon man all the way). For me, this one took more than one taste before I was like, “oh this is good!,” so it may take more than one piece before you are committed to this flavor. However, once you snack on a few more pieces of this candy, you will find yourself with a new love.

Honestly, I could go on and on about the flavors that deserve a spot on candy aisle shelves in the U.S., but if you have a chance to snag the Graham Cracker flavor and the Sakura flavor of Kit Kat from Japan, I highly recommend giving them a try too.

Every single one of these flavors is unexpected, but in the very best way, and that is why we need more of these unique flavors and not less. Whether you are a chocolate covered banana fan, a champagne and strawberries fan, or even a Peach Parfait fan, there is a Kit Kat for you. And wouldn’t it be nice if those flavors were as easy to pick up as heading to the local drug store or grocery store candy aisle?

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Have you tried any of the international Kit Kat flavors? Do you have a favorite flavor? How do you get your international sweet treats in the U.S.? We want to know.