Wolferman’s Bakery and Chef Curtis Stone are making magic happen in honor of National English Muffin Day

Wolferman’s Bakery® and Curtis Stone Collaborate to Celebrate National English Muffin Day
Wolferman’s Bakery® and Curtis Stone Collaborate to Celebrate National English Muffin Day /

Did you know April 23 is National English Muffin Day? (Tell the truth, you had no clue either.) With the help of Chef Curtis Stone and Wolferman’s Bakery we really have reason to celebrate!

In a press release from Wolferman’s Bakery, we learned that the baked good company which has been around for over 100 years, has teamed up with the Michelin-star chef to release some exclusive recipes perfect for National English Muffin Day and beyond. But that’s not all, as the company is also introducing their own virtual morning show which viewers can watch to learn other ways to take your English Muffins to the next level.

As a Harry & David brand, we know that we are getting quality every time, but when it comes to this particular partnership it seems that this was all about finding ways to elevate the English Muffin in unique ways. According to the Senior VP of Merchandising for Harry & David,

"We are so excited to collaborate with Curtis for National English Muffin Day – one of our favorite days of the year at Wolferman’s Bakery. It’s no surprise that he has come up with some uniquely elevated and delicious ways to enjoy our English muffins, and we’re thrilled to offer our customers his exclusive recipes so they can replicate and savor them at home."

Chef Curtis Stone and Wolferman’s Bakery is celebrating National English Muffin Day with some delicious creations

Curtis Stone
Award-Winning Chef Curtis Stone Debuts Three New Recipes for Wolferman’s Bakery® /

Wondering what Curtis Stone created in partnership with Wolferman’s Bakery? Well there are actually three creations – The Mini Brekkie Sandies, The Mini Citrus Bostock Bites, and The Gwen Smashed Avocado Toast.

But what exactly are these creations? I’m so glad you asked!

With the Mini Brekkie Sandies we are talking about a breakfast sandwich featuring sausage patties, cheesy scrambled eggs, fresh herbs (sage, thyme, and black pepper), and a sriracha mayo.

The Mini Citrus Bostock Bites is a reimagined French pastry that takes the Wolferman’s Bakery English Muffins and soaks them in a citrus syrup. The soaked muffin is then topped with an almond frangipane and then baked up.

Finally we have my favorite of the Curtis Stone creations, The Gwen Smashed Avocado Toast. For this sandwich we are talking about fresh avocado that has been sprinkled with a touch of salt and a splash of fresh lime juice. Then this piled onto one of the Sourdough Thick English Muffins that has been toasted up and also features crisp bacon, a soft boiled egg, shaved radish, frisee, and pepper flakes.

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While all three of these English Muffin based creations sound amazing, as a fan of avocado I am all about that Gwen Smashed Avocado Toast. But which of these creations are you a fan of? Which one will you create for yourself? Tell us below.