Hell’s Kitchen Season 20 arrives on May 31 on FOX

It seems like just yesterday that we all watched as Kori Sutton’s door opened and she was named the winner of Season 19 of Hell’s Kitchen. She will now go to work for Chef Gordon Ramsay as the head chef of his new Hell’s Kitchen restaurant in Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

Well, time and the FOX Network wait for no man or woman. That is why the big twentieth season of Hell’s Kitchen has already been announced and the first ads for it aired during the season finale of Season 19 last week.

The new season follows the now familiar Hell’s Kitchen format. Ramsay welcomes 18 brand new chefs to Las Vegas to compete for the head chef job at one of his new restaurants. Along the way, you can expect lots of that patented Ramsay screaming, cursing, and overall drama that makes the series so much fun.

However, for Season 20 Hell’s Kitchen has come up with a twist that should make for some very entertaining food television.

Season 20 of Hell’s Kitchen is called Young Guns for a good reason.

As you have no doubt noticed, Season 20 has been dubbed Hell’s Kitchen: Young Guns. The reason? Each of the 18 chefs are under the age of 23. Most of them are barely old enough to buy alcohol or even gamble in the casinos of Las Vegas.

If you are a regular viewer of the series, you know that Gordon Ramsay can make grown men and women nervous enough to make enormous mistakes. You’ve seen him lay into chefs twice that age and have them on the verge of tears.

What do you think is going to happen when all the chefs are under 25, have very little real-world experience in restaurant kitchens, and are likely used to doing what they want, when they want without a whole lot of accountability?

Yeah, it ain’t gonna be pretty.

So needless to say, this could easily be one of the most amusing, fun, out-of-control seasons of Hell’s Kitchen fans have seen in quite a while. Hell’s Kitchen: Young Guns arrives on Monday, May 31, on FOX.

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