Elysian Brewing: Grogu-themed cocktail perfect for Star Wars Day

Sammy Black makes a Baby Yoda drink, December 19, 2019, at Lux Central, 4402 N Central Ave, Phoenix.Baby Yoda
Sammy Black makes a Baby Yoda drink, December 19, 2019, at Lux Central, 4402 N Central Ave, Phoenix.Baby Yoda /

It’s official….May the 4th Be With You (A.K.A. Star Wars Day) 2021 is upon us. All sorts of galactic treats, drinks, and even some gear perfect for the Star Wars fan turned foodie will be in the spotlight all day today, so get yourselves ready!

Elysian Brewing knows exactly how to drum up some business because this year for Star Wars Day, they’ve come out with a Grogu-inspired cocktail, cute enough to not want to drink, but at the same time, delicious enough looking to drink.

Will this Grogu cocktail make you wanna go get one? How are you celebrating Star Wars Day yourselves?

Of course the green delicious-looking cocktail was inspired by the cutest Star Wars character: Grogu. But let’s be honest, nobody really does (or should for that matter) actually call him that. To me, he’ll always be Baby Yoda, and there’s no convincing me otherwise.

The Star Wars Day cocktail’s actual/official name is “Baby Yoda/The Child”. The drink was crafted by the Elysian Brewing Company, using their own Space Dust IPA, in fact. The drink was inspired by one that was similarly done by a pizza joint of all places, called The Vault Pizza way out in Banbridge, Ireland (now I really wanna go there, as if I didn’t already for different reasons).

Here’s the Irish Grogu cocktail made to inspire Elysian Brewing’s version of such the delight:

As you may know already, there are absolutely tons of different Baby Yoda-themed things out there, from food itself, to kitchen appliances, shirts, etc. You name it, then there’s probably a version of it with Baby Yoda actually on it; if not, then it’s probably in the works. Good marketing with such a cutie, am I right?

Don’t have access to the actual drink, but have the ingredients to make it for yourselves and others, here’s how to do so deliciously:

"Ingredients:1.5 oz. Vodka0.5 oz. Apple Pucker0.5 Lemon Juice0.75 Simple SyrupMethod:Shake with ice (duh) and strain into a glass (clear coupe or martini would work the best)Top off with Space Dust IPA (or another fave of yours)Use/attach lime wedges for the ears, and blueberries for the eyes to a cocktail stickWrap glass step with a napkin (or burlap scraps should you actually have it)Make sure your appearance is perfectly spot onServe"

More. Baby Yoda hot chocolate bombs are all we need (and more)!!!!!. light

Will you be recreating this Grogu cocktail at home? Who’s your favorite Star Wars character? Let’s chat down below! May the Force (4th) Be With You (Us) All!