This new Chex Mix flavor is all about the cheesy goodness

New White Cheddar Chex Mix. Image courtesy of General Mills
New White Cheddar Chex Mix. Image courtesy of General Mills /

Cheddar cheese lovers rejoice! There is a new flavor of Chex Mix from General Mills and it is all about the cheesy goodness of White Cheddar!

If you’re anything like me, then you know that Chex Mix is like the ultimate snack of snacks. Not only does it come in a variety of flavors to keep things fresh and interesting, but the fact that we can make our own Chex Mix at home (thank you Chex cereal for making that super easy) means even when you want to get creative that’s okay too.

But when it comes to enjoying Chex Mix for a movie night or even on the go, there is something about snagging a back off the store shelves and just digging in – no muss, no fuss. So of course, the fact that General Mills has decided to give us an entirely new flavor of Chex Mix to head into the summer with is something we can’t resist.

And yes, this is the kind of flavor we are obsessed with. Why is that, you might ask. Because it is all about the White Cheddar!

General Mills drops a new White Cheddar flavor of Chex Mix

This new White Cheddar Chex Mix is already starting to hit grocery stores across the country, with people who have a Stop & Shop near them being the lucky ones to get them first (or as close to first as it comes when you have a nationwide product launch). From the classic Rye Rounds to the Chex Squares coated in white cheddar, this is magic in a bag and we can’t wait to get our hands on it.

Available in both a medium size for $3.09 and a family size for $3.99 (depending on where you live), this is sure to be our new favorite snack. In fact, I would say movie night is getting an instant upgrade with this bit of white cheddar goodness.

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Are you excited for a new flavor of Chex Mix? Will you be snagging a bag as soon as you see it in a store near you? Let us know in the comments below.