Stop & Shop takes their sushi to the next level with the help of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos

Stop & Shop Cheeto's Flamin' Hot Sushi Roll. Image courtesy of Stop & Shop
Stop & Shop Cheeto's Flamin' Hot Sushi Roll. Image courtesy of Stop & Shop /

When it comes to having everything we need for our day to day needs, Stop & Shop has it all. And that includes on-the-go plates of sushi.

We all know that grocery shopping is as much about getting our necessities, as it is about grabbing meals on the go, snacks, and even last minute lunches and dinners. One of my favorite things to grab and go has to be sushi (when I know I am getting quality products of course).

Thanks to a press email from Stop & Shop, I now know exactly what sushi plate to pick up next – the Cheetos Flamin’ Hot Roll Sushi! That’s right, there is a sushi roll that uses Flamin’ Hot Cheetos to kick things up to the next level of flavor. And that’s not all, as they also revealed that, “Stop & Shop is now the only retailer in the Northeast exclusively offering the Cheetos Flamin’ Hot Roll Sushi.”

But what exactly is the Cheetos Flamin’ Hot Roll Sushi? And how much is it going to cost us? (You know we have to ask the important questions.)

Stop & Shop gets Flamin’ Hot with their new sushi roll

Up first, let’s break down exactly what the Cheetos Flamin’ Hot Roll Sushi is. With this roll, we get “sustainably and responsibly sourced krab and surrounded by nori, white rice mixed with flamin’ hot oil, crushed Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and topped with flamin’ hot mayo.” But it doesn’t end there, as this roll also features cream cheese, cucumber, and avocado.

With these flavors all coming together, you know you are getting well-balanced flavors that are also taking sushi to a whole new level of heat. (Forget the Wasabi, the heat is in the Flamin’ Hot Cheetos!)

So how much does this roll cost? Well the regular price for this sushi roll is $7.49, which feels like an amazing deal already. But just in time for Lent, Stop & Shop is taking the deal to another level by offering a 25 percent discount every Friday through the end of the Lenten season!

Not only does this sound like a must-try sushi roll, but the fact that we can try it on sale every Friday during Lent makes it even better. We can’t wait to get our hands on one of these.

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What do you think of this sushi roll? Is this something you plan to try? Are you a fan of unique sushi roll creations? Tell us in the comments below.