Burger King Secret Menu: 5 items you’ll want to order in 2021

Coca-Cola + Burger King Team Up to Deliver Big Wins with Homegating Bundle Meal Offers. Image courtesy Burger King, Coke
Coca-Cola + Burger King Team Up to Deliver Big Wins with Homegating Bundle Meal Offers. Image courtesy Burger King, Coke /

Did you know that there is a Burger King secret menu? I know I didn’t! But now that I do, I am ready to get my order in ASAP.

So what exactly is the Burger King secret menu? Technically it is both creations that fans of the fast food chain have put together and shared with the world or it is previous menu items that are no longer available, but can be cobbled together thanks to what the restaurants have in store now.

While there are a surprising number of items that make up the Burger King Secret Menu, we were inspired by Wide Open Eats to pick five that we can’t wait to get our hands on in 2021. After all, this is a the perfect time to maybe try something new.

Just remember this is a secret menu, which means you can’t just go to the drive thru and ask for these by name. Instead, you’ll need to give them a break down of what you want. (In some cases, ordering via the Burger King app might make this entire process so much easier.)

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5 must try items off the Burger King Secret Menu

  • The Suicide Burger – The name alone should be a give away as to just how not great for you this sandwich is, but we are still intrigued anyway. To order a Suicide Burger, you are going to want to ask for a cheeseburger with bacon, four beef patties, four slices of cheese, and some of their special sauce.
  • The Burger King Ham & Cheese – Sometimes a burger isn’t what you want or you’re on the road and want something light. For this sandwich, all you need to do is ask for ham and cheese with tomatoes and lettuce on a bun. It really is that easy.
  • French Fry Burger – This is something we have seen other countries do and it is another easy hack of sorts. For this burger just ask for a Double Cheeseburger (or a regular cheeseburger) and ask them to top your burger with Fries. (Obviously if they won’t do it, you can do it yourself, but still!)
  • Burger King Club – Want a delicious club sandwich straight out of the sub shop? Then all you need to do is head to Burger King and order one of their Original Chicken Sandwiches and ask them to add bacon and tomatoes! It really is that easy (and delicious).
  • The BBQ Deluxe – This is like a Rodeo Whopper but on the less impressive side (but still delicious!). The snag a BBQ Deluxe you’ll want to order a Whopper Jr. and ask for no pickles or ketchup. Instead, have them add BBQ sauce to the burger that already has (or should have, so you may want to confirm) mayo, lettuce, onions, and tomatoes.

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When it comes to menu hacks and secret menus, we love finding new ways to enjoy some of our favorite foods. And while we love just about everything on the Burger King menu already, we also love being able to take some of the classics to the next level.

Have you tried any of these menu hacks? Do you change up a classic sandwich to create something uniquely you? Tell us in the comments below.