Top Chef spinoff coming to the Peacock streaming service

TOP CHEF -- "Thrown For a Loop" Episode 1804 -- Pictured: Padma Lakshmi -- (Photo by: David Moir/Bravo)
TOP CHEF -- "Thrown For a Loop" Episode 1804 -- Pictured: Padma Lakshmi -- (Photo by: David Moir/Bravo) /

Are you the kind of Top Chef fan who counts down the days until a new episode arrives on Bravo? Does your dinner usually include at least one dish you learned how to make from the show? Are you such a serious fan that you are considering getting a Padma Lakshmi tattoo?

Because let’s be honest here. There is no such thing as too much Top Chef.

Bravo has attempted various spinoffs using the same formula over the years, including a dessert version as well as the popular Top Chef Masters and Top Chef Junior. While some have done better than others in the ratings, it was only a matter of time until a new spinoff came along.

So the fact it is being reported by Deadline that a brand new Top Chef spinoff is on the way should come as no shock. However, where you’re going to be able to watch it may catch some people off guard. Because the series is jumping into the streaming wars.

Say hello to Top Chef Family Style only available on Peacock.

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According to the report, the new series will be titled Top Chef Family Style and will be hosted by Meghan Trainor. As for who will be judging, none other than our old friend from Tournament of Champions Marcus Samuelsson has been announced as the head judge for the new series.

Top Chef Family Style will take the Top Chef concept and add a good dose of family drama to the mix. It will take an up and coming young chef and pair them with an adult member of their family. To the winner will go bragging rights and you can be sure some kind of prize money.

So where will you be able to watch Top Chef Family Style? Only on the Peacock streaming service. It is part of a whole bunch of new reality-based series that have been ordered for the service as a way to create more original content that will convince people to sign up and stick around.

And if you want to get people to try Peacock, there are few better ways then adding a new version of one of the most popular cooking competitions of the last decade. At this point there is no word when the new series will be available to stream but it will likely be before the end of the year.

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