It’s I Love Reese’s Day: Which Reese’s treat is the best?

Big Cups with Pretzel. Image courtesy Reese's
Big Cups with Pretzel. Image courtesy Reese's /

Happy I Love Reese’s Day! It’s a day to indulge in our favorite treat, from the Original Peanut Butter Cup, the Big Cup with Pretzels, and even the Reese’s Puff cereal (is the song in your head now?). Which of the brand’s candy is your favorite?

Is there another chocolate brand that combines chocolate and peanut butter more brilliantly and perfectly than this iconic brand? No. I didn’t think so. Take it from me, chocolate and peanut butter are not as easy to blend. It’s not as simple as it sounds at all.

I mean, sure, anyone can try it, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll be good. And Reese’s doesn’t only stick to peanut butter and chocolate treats, they have ventured into many other flavor combos, and we love all of them!

From Reese’s with Pieces, Dark Chocolate, the underrated Nutrageous bar, we could go on for a while.

What is I Love Reese’s Day and which chocolate is best?

According to Checkiday, Hershey’s sponsored a petition that called for May 18 to become I Love Reese’s Day. It was signed by 40,000 fans, and this was in 2010! The chocolate brand has a lot more fans now (and flavors).

We can’t simply answer what the best chocolate from the brand is. That’s because we all have different taste buds who desire different flavors. So while I may prefer Reese’s Pieces, you may enjoy the White Chocolate version better. Or hey, maybe even the only peanut butter version?

After doing some research and looking at several sites and polls, such as this one from Thrillist, here’s what we have found. These are the top five favorite Reeses’s:

5. NutRageous

4. With Pretzels

3. Take 5

2. Pieces

1. Original Peanut Butter Cups

I have to agree with the top five here, and it’s also no surprise why the Original Peanut Butter Cups are No. 1, they are the chocolates that started it all. What do you think about this countdown, which would you add or remove from your top five? Share with us!

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How will you be celebrating this foodie holiday? We suggest you buy your favorite variety and share some with your best friends and family!