Crystal Head Vodka celebrates Pride with a limited edition rainbow skull bottle

Crystal Head Vodka Pride cocktail -Blued Up Pride Cocktail. Image courtesy Crystal Head Vodka
Crystal Head Vodka Pride cocktail -Blued Up Pride Cocktail. Image courtesy Crystal Head Vodka /

June is Pride Month, and Crystal Head Vodka is doing their part to support the LGBTQI+ community with the help of a limited edition bottle.

According to a press release from Crystal Head Vodka, 2021 is the last time collectors can get their hands on one of these rainbow skulls and if that isn’t incentive enough to snag one of these bottles, perhaps the fact that they have partnered with groups such as Stonewall Sports Program, The Test Positive Awareness Network, and Kaleidoscope Trust will help convince you.

Considering Crystal Head Vodka is already known for their signature skull bottles which are filled with a vodka that “is filtered through layers of Herkimer Diamonds” it makes sense that in honor of Pride Month they would take the beauty of their product to the next level. In fact, they have even partnered with Gay Pride Apparel to create a co-branded t-shirt to benefit the Human Rights Campaign.

Crystal Head Vodka is celebrating Pride Month in style

Crystal Head Vodka
Crystal Head Vodka’s limited-edition Pride bottle. Image courtesy Crystal Head Vodka /

It is all about Pride and being a supportive ally when it comes to Crystal Head Vodka and that is made even more clear when you read what the founder of the company, Dan Aykroyd (yes that Dan Aykroyd) has to say about this limited edition beauty.

"Our beautifully decorated rainbow bottle is made with pride. Crystal Head Vodka is the vodka for the creative spirit – we see the world without limitations and provide inspiration to dream, build and make, inspiring freedom of expression and creative thought."

If you want a chance to not only support their Pride initiative, but also add a bit of beauty to your bar cart, then you will want to hurry to get one of these rainbow skulls filled with a stunning vodka. Available in both a 750 mL bottle for $49.99 or a 1.75 L bottle for $99.99, this bottle is only for sale now through July 2021.

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Show your Pride and your appreciation for a fine Vodka with the help of Crystal Head Vodka. And remember this is the last chance to snag a rainbow skull of vodka.