The Whole Foods Summer Rosé week-long sale is here

Whole Foods Summer Rosé Sale. Image courtesy Whole Foods Market
Whole Foods Summer Rosé Sale. Image courtesy Whole Foods Market /

It’s back! The Rosé sale is back at Whole Foods. And not only are we getting a week of deals, but they are also spotlighting women winemakers.

It’s the wine event we look forward to all year – the Summer Rosé Sale. Every year, we eagerly wait for our chance to stock up on not only some of our favorite Rosé wines, but we are also looking for some new bottles to add to our wine racks to enjoy all summer long.

For 2021, the Rosé wine sale at Whole Foods runs from May 28 until June 1 and gives us 20 percent off 11 bottles of wine that are essential for all of our summer needs, from picnics and cookouts to dinner with friends and relaxing on our own.

Whole Foods
Whole Foods Summer Rosé Sale. Image courtesy Whole Foods Market /

So which wines are at the top of our must buy list?

Whole Foods brings back their Rosé wine sale of summer

If you are looking for a shopping list of wines included in the sale that we think you will want to snag at a Whole Foods near you look no further. Here is what we recommend this summer:

  • SHE CAN Rose from the McBride Sisters
  • Old Westminster Rosé (This wine is an exclusive offering at Whole Foods.)
  • Ultraviolet Sparkling
  • Kim Crawford Illuminate Rosé 
  • French Blue

While this is only five of the 11 wines on the sale list at Whole Foods, it is definitely a great way to get the shopping list started. And considering the store offers more than 1,400 varieties of Rosé wine, it certainly helps to have an idea of what to snag when you are hitting up this summer sale.

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But what do you think of the return of the Whole Foods Market’s Summer Rosé Sale? Have you taken part in this sale (or any of their other week-long sales) before? Are you going to stock up on some wine at this sale? Will you be trying something new? Tell us in the comments below.