Klondike Shakes expands their lineup with a new flavor

Klondike Launches New Strawberry Shakes. Image courtesy Klondike
Klondike Launches New Strawberry Shakes. Image courtesy Klondike /

Is there anything better than a Klondike Bar on a hot day? How about one of their Klondike Shakes? And now we have a new flavor to sip on to satisfy our sweet tooth!

Introducing the new Sit Back & Strawberry Klondike Shake Pouch – the latest addition to the Klondike family. Following the exciting launch of their shake pouches earlier this year, it makes sense that they would decide to give us another classic flavor inspired by classic diner milkshakes.

While we loved the chocolate and vanilla shake pouches released earlier in 2021, now that we have some strawberry in our lives, we are even more obsessed with this Klondike offering. Available at retailers now, this new shake comes with a little more fun than just the arrival of a new flavor.

Klondike Shakes it already shaking things up by launching a new Strawberry shake pouch

To really shake things up for the summer, Klondike has teamed up with Heads Up for a “Shake It Up” partnership. According to the press email we received about the launch, “This three-minute game will keep the whole family entertained while their Klondike Shakes soften to the perfect creamy and delicious consistency. Players who complete the round will also receive a digital coupon for $3 off Klondike Shakes.”

Not only are we getting a new flavor, but we are even getting a chance to save money on these shake pouches. It feels like a win-win to us!

I am actually pretty excited by the release of this new shake pouch flavor, as it means that we not only have something new to enjoy this summer, but it could mean that we will get even more flavors in the future (especially if strawberry lives up to its predecessors – chocolate and vanilla). Available in packs of six for $5.99, these shakes are a perfect summer pick-me-up, and we can’t wait to see what comes next. Maybe they will even give us a play on the Neapolitan ice cream and give us a pack that features their new strawberry flavor, as well as the chocolate and vanilla shakes.

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Are you a fan of these new shake pouches? Are you excited by the news that there is a new Klondike Shakes flavor? What flavor do you want them to bring us next? Tell us in the comments below.