Forget the Klondike Bars, they are giving us shakes now!

Klondike Shakes Chill Out & Vanilla. Image courtesy Klondike
Klondike Shakes Chill Out & Vanilla. Image courtesy Klondike /

Klondike is making 2021 as delicious as they possibly can. From the arrival of a new breakfast inspired bar to their latest sweet treat, this is the year of Klondike. And what better way to enjoy a frosty treat than in the form of a shake?

January 2021 has been the month of the ice cream releases and news. It seems like every brand is doing their part to satisfy our sweet tooth and give us decadent dessert flavors. And we are not mad at this at all.

But now Klondike is taking things to the next level. Not only are they introducing Klondike Cones (which deserves its own spotlight!), but they are also giving us Shakes as well! While they are starting off relatively simply with just a chocolate shake and a vanilla shake to choose from, we are still extremely excited by this news.

Klondike has been a go to ice cream treat for years, and now they are taking things up to the next level with their Shakes. Think of this as taking your love of ice cream and milkshakes and making it ridiculously easy to enjoy at home.

Klondike Shakes Wind Down & Chocolate. Image courtesy Klondike /

Klondike Shakes arrive in stores now so we can enjoy a shake on the go

Never break out the blender again, because these shakes are ready to go straight from the freezer (okay there is a small wait to let the shake soften a bit, but still). Every package comes with pouches that contain 4.7ounces of either chocolate shake perfection or decadent vanilla delight.

Officially launching in Feb. 2021, fans of Klondike will be able to snag boxes containing six pouches for around $5.99 each box. And with two classic flavors to choose from, Wind Down & Chocolate and Chill Out & Vanilla, you may want to grab two boxes just in case. After all, this way you can alternate between the flavors and never get bored.

We are pretty excited about this news and can’t wait to snag a box or two for our own freezers. After all, this means we never have to deal with our blender again.

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Are you excited by this news? Will you be trying these new Klondike Shakes when they drop in a store near you? Tell us in the comments below.