New KIT KAT flavor is sure to sweeten your mornings!

New KIT KAT flavor: KIT KAT Fruity Cereal! Image credit: Hershey's
New KIT KAT flavor: KIT KAT Fruity Cereal! Image credit: Hershey's /

There’s a new KIT KAT flavor that’s here to make your mornings sweeter. Because we’ve all been there! Some mornings, we just can’t get out of bed. But now, thanks to this new flavor we’ll look forward to it.

KIT KAT is my favorite chocolate brand for many reasons. The main reason is the taste, it’s simply delicious. I love how the wafer adds that fun and flavorful crunch that not many chocolates offer. No matter the time of the day, I’m always down for a KIT KAT.

Secondly, it has to be the variety! KIT KAT has so many flavors, some don’t even have the iconic taste that we know KIT KAT is known for, which is a good thing! You have to give praise to a brand that is able to create all sorts of different flavors.

From the Lime Pie chocolates to the DUOS Mint & Dark Chocolate, gotta love them all! And if your taste buds were craving something different this summer, the chocolate brand has heard your prayers. Introducing, Fruity Cereal!

New KIT KAT flavor
New flavor: KIT KAT Fruity Cereal! Image credit: Hershey’s /

Where can you get KIT KAT Fruity Cereal?

Okay, so we can’t say we recommend you have the new Fruity Cereal for breakfast and call it a day. Definitely get yourself some actual breakfast. But one of these new chocolate bars as your after-breakfast treat is sure to delight your taste buds.

The new flavor rolls out June 2021, so expect to see it at your local massive retailer shortly. There’s no exact release date, so just be on the lookout this month. It is a nationwide release, so you’ll find it soon!

We’ve already had a bite (okay, more than one), and it’s delicious! It may be a chocolatey bit of fruity cereal, but breakfast for dinner, anyone? This is my new favorite snack.

The suggested retail price is $1.09 for a standard size bar.

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Of all the great flavors KIT KAT offers, which one is your favorite? Let us know as soon as you find the Fruity Cereal bars in stores (and which store you spotted it at, first).