Milano Cookies is giving us summer fun with refreshing flavors

Milano Orange Chocolate Cookies. Image courtesy of Pepperidge Farm
Milano Orange Chocolate Cookies. Image courtesy of Pepperidge Farm /

When it comes to sweet treats that are perfect for summer, there is something about Milano Cookies that just works, especially with their fruity flavors. In fact, thanks to their current line up of fruit forward cookies, we have the perfect snack to get us through the summer heat.

While I personally love their classic Milk Chocolate Milano Cookies (especially the Double Milk Chocolate) and their Milano Lemon Chocolate (which has apparently been discontinued and the sadness is real!), if you are looking for something different to snack on, then you’ll want to snag these three fruity flavors of cookies.

So what exactly are the three must have Milano Cookie flavors for summer 2021?

It’s a Milano Cookies summer with these three must try fruity cookie flavors

  • Milano Strawberry Chocolate – The first must have flavor of the summer is their Strawberry Chocolate, which gives us a layer of chocolate and a layer of strawberry in the center of two crisp cookie wafers. (This is a delicious cookie for those of us who love chocolate covered strawberries without the mess.)
  • Milano Orange Chocolate – Next up we have the Orange Chocolate cookie. For this crisp cookie we get a layer of chocolate and a layer of orange in the center of the crisp cookie wafers that reminds me of the chocolate oranges we would get around the holidays that you would break into slices like a real orange. (Seriously it is all about the citrus with this treat.)
  • Milano Raspberry Chocolate – Our third cookie is for the raspberry lovers out there. Between our two crisp cookie wafers, we have chocolate and raspberry that pops. It is a fresh flavor that really does feel like it is summer in a cookie.

Whether you throw these cookies in your picnic basket, your beach bag, or just grab a bag for a road trip, these flavors are perfect for the hottest months of the year. And considering the flavors really do pop and work together, you know you are satisfying your taste buds with every bite.

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Have you tried any of these flavors? Do you have a favorite flavor? Do these cookies remind you of summer? Tell us in the comments below.