Mystery Twizzlers flavor has been revealed: Did you get it right?

New Twizzlers: Mystery Flavor, photo courtesy Twizzlers
New Twizzlers: Mystery Flavor, photo courtesy Twizzlers /

Back in March 2021, Twizzlers launched a mystery pack, promising to reveal the flavor in the summer. Well, now summer is in full swing and the mystery flavor has been revealed! Let’s see if you got it right.

It’s been a couple of months of anticipation, but we’ve never forgotten about the biggest foodie mystery of the year.

When Twizzlers shared the most delicious mystery of the year with me, I put my taste buds straight to work. I opened up the package and began to try these out. In the middle of a pandemic, this was a lot of fun!

Unfortunately, for me,  I did not guess the flavor correctly. We were pretty close, though,  as we did assume the flavor was berry-related, due to the color. But let’s see how you did…

What is the Twizzlers mystery flavor?

The brand has revealed that the mystery flavor is…RASPBERRY!

How well did you do? Were you close or did you get this right on the money?

If you missed out on trying these new raspberry  Twizzlers,  don’t worry, you still have time! Please note that this is a  limited-edition flavor, so it will be gone from shelves completely at one point. But you still have time to grab a bag  (or three).

The Raspberry flavored candy will be available through the summer, so it’s going to be the perfect  July 4th weekend snack! Which Twizzlers flavor is your favorite?

Search for a pack at your favorite massive retailer, they’re available for the suggested retail price of $2.39.

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