New Mystery Twizzlers: Can you guess the flavor?

New Twizzlers: Mystery Flavor, photo courtesy Twizzlers
New Twizzlers: Mystery Flavor, photo courtesy Twizzlers /

There’s a new mystery on the market, foodies, the Mystery Twizzlers! Are you up for the challenge? Twizzlers is launching a mystery flavor this spring, will you be able to guess the flavor before the secret is out?

Ready for one of the most delicious mysteries of the year? Who doesn’t love a mystery? It’s particularly important to have a little fun these days as we are trying to leave a pandemic behind. And what’s more fun than food? At Guilty Eats, you know it’s our favorite thing!

This flavor mystery is the Twizzlers’ first, but not foodie’s first rodeo! Are our taste buds up for the challenge? Exercise your senses and get guessing with a pack of this new mystery flavor Twizzlers!

Can you guess the Mystery Twizzlers flavor?

Mystery Twizzlers
New Twizzlers: Mystery Flavor, photo courtesy Twizzlers /

We have already received packs of the Mystery Twizzlers and we’ve had a few since. What can I  say? It’s all in a day’s work and my taste buds are in love! The problem is, we still can’t quite crack the case.

So do we know what the secret flavor is? Nope! The brand may have shared the treats with us, but they are not spilling any details on the flavor. We are truly in this with you fellow Guilty Eater!

The Mystery Twizzlers are available this spring, so they may already be available in stores. Don’t worry, these come in regular big packs (like regular Twizzlers), so you’ll be able to taste several to best sample the mystery flavor.

Twizzlers will be revealing the mystery flavor this summer 2021, so you only have a  couple of months to take your best guess! The big question is — will you be able to solve the mystery?

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This Mystery Twizzlers flavor is only around for a  limited time, so not only do you have until the summer to figure it out, but once it’s gone, it’s gone! Search for a pack at your favorite massive retailer, they’re available for the suggested retail price of $2.39.