Wendy’s is bringing the heat this summer with a new must try plant-based burger

Wendy's Spicy Black Bean Burger, photo courtesy Wendy's
Wendy's Spicy Black Bean Burger, photo courtesy Wendy's /

It’s a made to crave summer at Wendy’s and that means they are making sure they bring the heat across the board (or the menu as it were). And what better way is there to do that than by introducing a new, limited edition Made to Crave Spicy Black Bean Burger?

If you have tried any of the Made to Crave sandwiches on the Wendy’s menu, then you already know that these menu items are all about spicing things up. And according to a press release from the company, for a limited time this summer, the fast food chain is taking the heat up a notch with a new Spicy Black Bean Burger.

Starting June 28 in a very limited market – Jacksonville, Pittsburgh, and Columbus – fans of Wendy’s and plant-based products can enjoy a new culinary creation from the masters of the burger (and fries). This is a test to see how fans respond to this new Black Bean Burger, and at $5.49, it makes sense that they want to see how much we love this sandwich before it goes nationwide.

So what can Wendy’s lovers expect from this new Made to Crave offering if they can get their hands on one?

Wendy’s is bringing the heat with a new test sandwich in select markets

The new Made to Crave Spicy Black Bean Burger can be made to order, just like anything else on the menu. However, if you want to try it the way the company intended, you will get:

"The full build boasts multiple levels of flavor from a signature black bean patty crafted with a blend of spices, layered with crunchy chipotle jalapenos for added texture, creamy, expertly melted pepper jack cheese and a spicy chipotle sauce. For added depth, fresh tomatoes, sweet onion slices and crisp romaine lettuce are all placed between a warm, premium toasted bun."

Basically, this sounds amazing, especially for those of us who enjoy a plant-based alternative. And as someone who actually enjoys Black Bean Burgers, this sounds like it could be the ultimate burger of summer.

Now we can only hope that the test goes well and Wendy’s decides to launch this everywhere (and quickly).

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What do you think Wendy’s lovers? Are you excited for a possible Spicy Black Bean Burger? And if you are in the test market, will you be giving this new burger a try? Let us know Guilty Eaters!