Wendy’s is spicing up your summer with new, hot menu offerings

Ghost Pepper Ranch sauce from Wendy's
Ghost Pepper Ranch sauce from Wendy's /

Summer just got spicier thanks to new, hot menu items from the Queen of fast food! From a new dipping sauce to a plant-based burger, here’s what’s new at Wendy’s.

Wendy’s knocked on our door with a tasty delivery and we couldn’t wait to share the latest with you! Foodies who enjoy spicy food are truly going to be all over the new hot dipping sauce at the fast food chain, but Wendy’s also has something to share with foodies who are craving something fresh.

The summer season is always my favorite as a foodie! It’s when fast food joints and restaurants update their menus with the flavors of the new season. I’m talking refreshing salads, cool beverages, fruity flavors, and everything we love about summer.

Here’s what the fast food chain is cooking up, when the new items are available, how much they’ll cost, and more.

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Wendy’s summer 2021 menu

At the top of the list, we have the Spicy Black Bean Burger, a plant-based protein offering. This new burger will be available beginning Monday, June 28, 2021  — and it’s only around for a limited time!

Unfortunately, it’s only available in three test markets: Columbus, Jacksonville, and Pittsburgh. If you live in one of these three markets, you’ll find the burger for $5.79 via Wendy’s drive-thru, the app, or delivery.

If you order via Wendy’s app, pair the Spicy  Black Bean burger with a FREE medium fry and FREE in-app delivery through July 1.

Live outside of these three markets and afraid of missing out? Don’t worry, there’s something for you, too! How about the new Ghost Pepper Ranch dipping sauce? Wendy’s suggest pairing the Ghost Pepper Ranch sauce with the Spicy Nuggets for a “flavor explosion.” Woot! Let’s just say you may want a refreshing lemonade from Wendy’s by your side.

The Ghost Pepper Ranch is available beginning July 12.

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Are you excited to give your taste buds something fiery? What’s your favorite meal from the fast food chain?