25 best candy bars of all time

Celebrate SHE with Hershey's. Image courtesy Hershey's
Celebrate SHE with Hershey's. Image courtesy Hershey's /
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New Kit Kat Thins. Image courtesy Hershey’s
New Kit Kat Thins. Image courtesy Hershey’s /

Is Kit Kat one of the best candy bars?

Is there really anything better than a chocolate bar you can break into pieces? There is just something so satisfying about breaking off a piece, eating it, and knowing you still have more to go. This is one of the reasons Kit Kat is one of the best candy bars on the market.

They give you four bars and if you break off each one, it’s like you’re eating four pieces of candy instead of just one. Unless you’re one of those people that just bites right into it, then, well…we won’t talk about that.

But besides the way you can break up a Kit Kat bar, there is also the chocolate and three layers of crispy wafers. Yum! It’s the perfect thing for a weekday afternoon when you’re about to pass out in front of your computer and need something to get you to the end of the day.

Kit Kat was actually first created in the UK in 1935 as a single bar and then became a two-finger bar in 1936. It was originally named Rowntree’s chocolate crisp after the company that originally made it and it became the Kit Kat after World War II. The name comes from a club in the 17th century that took place in a pie shop in London. The way they used to name chocolate is fascinating.

The Kit Kat is crunchy and it’s chocolate. What’s not to like? You get the smooth, richness of the chocolate and the crispy crunchiness of the wafer. It hits every flavor and texture note you could want.