Craftopia gives us a taste of Baketopia with Rosanna Pansino guest judging

Craftopia. Photograph by Ali Goldstein/HBO Max
Craftopia. Photograph by Ali Goldstein/HBO Max /

Are you a fan of crafting and baking? Then you get the best of both worlds with the help of the HBO Max series Craftopia, and the guest judging duties of Rosanna Pansino in the fourth episode of the first season.

While Craftopia is truly all about the crafting, for one very special episode, we also got a taste of what viewers can expect to see on Baketopia, the series hosted by Pansino on HBO Max. And while we have every intention of showing some love to that series, we are here for the fourth episode of Craftopia.

For those unfamiliar with this series, it is a competition series featuring young adults between the ages of nine and 15. There are two rounds of competition where our contests have to craft unique items, including paper lanterns and even crafts made with sweet treats. (Obviously the sweet treats crafting happened in the episode where Rosanna Pansino was a guest judge.)

Craftopia teased us with Baketopia magic thanks to guest judge Rosanna Pansino

So why are we loving this episode of Craftopia, which was actually titled “The Right Stuffed?” Honestly, the whole series is a lot of fun (and so inspirational for crafters), but in this episode we got a hint of just how food can be used for fun crafting. And it was amazing to see what the contestants created with candies, fondant, sprinkles, donuts, and more.

From a Ducky Pool float made with donuts, marshmallows, and fondant, to a platter of sushi made from an assortment of other goodies, this episode was all about the treats! Beyond that, we even had one contestant who made it into the second round create a giant watermelon plush. I mean they kept that foodie theme going from start to finish, which had us rooting for them all the way.

Of course, while Rosanna Pansino was a big draw to this episode for us foodies, the fact that there were other episodes where crafters whipped together foodie inspired crafts was pretty much a win for us and we were hooked.

While it may not be a foodie series, the fact that there were multiple times when food or food-inspired crafts were at the center of the action makes this a must watch for us foodies this summer. (And yes, Pansino showed up in a second episode in the season, although her second episode was actually a holiday episode!)

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