Who will win season 1 of Crime Scene Kitchen?

If you just went by the premise of Crime Scene Kitchen, you’d probably never give it a chance. Teams of expert bakers look through a kitchen for clues as to what dessert they have to make for the judges. Doesn’t sound great, right? But you would be so wrong.

Crime Scene Kitchen may not be as wholesome as The Great British Baking Show but it is just as fun to watch. The bakers must become detectives as they search through the “crime scene kitchen” to discover what was made there. Sometimes the clues are easy (cake pans in the sink AKA they have to make a cake) and sometimes they are very tricky.

Once they see the clues, they have to take what they learned and make the dessert they think was made in the kitchen. They don’t know if they’re right until after the judges, Yolanda Gampp and chef Curtis Stone, have critiqued their dessert and it’s revealed.

It keeps viewers guessing and on the edge of their seats until the final minutes of each episode. Joel McHale is also the perfect host!

Crime Scene Kitchen season finale airs July 21

The show is about to air its finale on Wednesday, July 21 and it’s down to four teams of two. It’s anyone’s guess who will win, but my money is on Luis and Natalie, the friends from Las Vegas. While they have had their struggles, they’ve almost always put out gorgeous desserts. Their creations, visually, have blown the others out of the water.

While mother-and-son team, Cathy and Thomas, have been precise and almost always right in their guesses of what was made in the kitchen, their creations don’t have the same magic that the Vegas team has.

Husband and wife, Lorie and Jason, could take the cake (pun intended). They’ve been safe every round, but I don’t know if they can pull off what is sure to be a very difficult finale. Although, it would be great to see them win since the prize money would be going to buying a new home.  They’ve been living in a trailer since their last home burned down.

As for the mother-and-daughter team of Leslie and Emma…well, anyone who saw this week’s episode saw how well Emma does under pressure. Not great. It was honestly embarrassing to see how she talked to her mom and I can’t imagine the stress of a finale is going to make their team react any better.

Luis and Natalie are pretty cool under pressure and no matter what, will come out with a gorgeous piece of art in dessert form. I can’t wait to see how it all goes down.

Who do you think will win Crime Scene Kitchen? Let us know in the comments below!