Sour Patch Kids tried to match Oreo with their dunking game and even Oreo is questioning everything

Just Blue Sour Patch Kids. Image courtesy of Sour Patch Kids
Just Blue Sour Patch Kids. Image courtesy of Sour Patch Kids /

Sour Patch Kids and Oreo are each iconic brands for those of us who love sweet treats. And yet, they are very different treats.

Oreo is a delightful cookie that comes in a wide variety of flavors, but is perhaps most iconically known for their chocolate and cream cookies. And then we have Sour Patch Kids, which are known for being both sour and sweet as sour sugar coated gummies.

They are clearly two very different snacks. But on Instagram on July 21, Sour Patch Kids decided they were going to take a play out of Oreo’s book. They decided to get their dunk on.

A hack that many people use now to dunk their Oreo cookies is to stick a fork in the cream and then dunk in the glass of milk. It is less messy and makes it easy to eat that soggy cookie (if it gets soggy). And Sour Patch Kids decided they wanted to try this out for themselves.

Sour Patch Kids shares their take on the Oreo dunk

So what did this mean? It meant that Sour Patch Kids stuck a fork in a kid and dunked it in milk. And even Oreo was a little woozy over that one. Sour Patch Kids wanted to know if they got it right and tagged Oreo in their video, and Oreo responded with a simple, but impactful response.

In their response to the Reels video posted to the Sour Patch Kids Instagram account, Oreo used the woozy emoji after responding, “technically… yes.”

See, we know that their dunk game is on point, but I don’t think any of us actually want to chow down on a sour and sweet gummy candy covered in milk. It just doesn’t sound nearly as appetizing as Oreo cookies dipped in milk.

Watch the Reels below:

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But what do you think Guilty Eaters? Are you curious about this dunk? Do you agree with Oreo on the woozy looks? Let us know in the comments.