Sour Patch Kids is keeping the Just Blue bags as a permanent addition to the lineup

Just Blue Sour Patch Kids. Image courtesy of Sour Patch Kids
Just Blue Sour Patch Kids. Image courtesy of Sour Patch Kids /

Sour Patch Kids confirms that Just Blue bags are here to stay

It’s a blue, blue world and we are just living in it. Sour Patch Kids is making our 2021 sweeter than ever as they announce the Just Blue bags are forever.

In 2020, Sour Patch Kids put a question to their fans and followers. What is the best flavor of the bunch? Overwhelmingly, the Blue Raspberry Kids came out on top. Honestly, is anyone surprised by that news? I know we aren’t.

Even leading up to the holidays, Sour Patch Kids went all out, making sure fans could snag their favorite flavor of Kids all on their own. Or perhaps you had more than one flavor you love (Red anyone?), then you could get a personalized mix made up with your favorite flavors.

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Sour Patch Kids goes blue forever!

But the one thing we were all excited about was the bags of Just Blue that we found in stores around the country. And now it seems like we can count on our blue obsession to remain in tact. Why you may ask. Because Sour Patch Kids is giving us what we want – Just Blue remaining as a permanent addition to their candy lineup.

Bags of these soft and chewy candies will be available in three different sizes and at a wide variety of retailers, including Walmart, Target, and CVS, to name a few. We can snag Just Blue Kids in a 3.6 oz, a 5 oz, and an 8 oz size, making this perfect for movie night, late snacking, and more.

As someone who enjoys all of the flavors of Sour Patch Kids, this was exciting news. But as a fan of Blue Raspberry especially, it is beyond thrilling to know that now we don’t have to pick through bags of Kids looking for our favorite color. And now there won’t be that disappointment when you end up with only one or two blues in the mix.

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Is anyone else excited by the news that Sour Patch Kids Just Blue is sticking around for good? Will you be gabbing more bags of blue over mixed bags? Tell us in the comments.